Avast Software presents apklab.io, a mobile threat intelligence platform designed to provide the most relevant information for Android™ security researchers.

Combined information

Each and every sample is processed by Avalens, our static analysis tool as well as Chadron, our in-house dynamic analysis sandbox. The information extracted can then be cross-referenced with other samples in our database.

Static plus dynamic analysis illustration


samples in apklab.io database

Avast's database

Suspicious samples gathered by Avast are automatically analyzed in apklab.io. That means you'll likely be able to find more samples from the same malware family when you upload your files for analysis.

Powerful filters

Much of the information extracted from the apps are indexed, so you can easily examine each and every sample in our database for interesting behavior.

apklab filters example

Take a look

Here's a short video depicting the analysis of an Android ransomware sample. It showcases some of the filters available in apklab.io and information gathered about one of the samples, including the results of both static and dynamic analysis.

How to get in?

Currently, apklab.io is in the beta testing period, open only to selected partners.

After this period ends, we plan to make apklab.io available to all Android security researchers.

If you'd like to get in, please make an invitation request.

Follow @apklabio to get news about this platform.

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